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Sailing at Raglan 11 March

To give sailing from Papahua Domain at Raglan a trial run, there is a club day planned for there Saturday 11th March 2023

Location and sailing details are as provided for under the Burgess Trophy heading in the What’s Happening page.

Club sailing as programmed on the calendar.

 Please note the precautionary warning/advice received from WRC which states;

“Te Whatu Ora has issued a health warning for Lake Ngā Roto due to a significant rise in cyanobacteria levels. It is recommended that the lake should not be used for any activity that involves skin contact with the water.

 If people still choose to use the lake when warnings are in place, they should shower and change their clothing as soon as possible afterwards, even if no symptoms are noticeable.”

Club sailing at Ngaroto will resume for the second half of the season at 2pm on Saturday 11th February.


Welcome to the Ngaroto Sailing Club.

We are a dinghy and trailer yacht sailing club located on Lake Ngaroto just outside Te Awamutu. Our club is relaxed, friendly and family oriented and affiliated to both the Waikato Thames Yachting Association and Yachting New Zealand.

We sail most Saturdays in the afternoons from September to April with a break over Christmas. We aim to enjoy a BBQ dinner after sailing, new members and visitors are always welcome.

We have something to offer every sailor, instruction for beginners and racing and cruising for the more experienced.  

We have both a structured Junior Sailing programme and instruction for adult beginners in our fleet of club boats, get in touch!

If you’d like to join us come down for a chat on one of our sailing days. There’s plenty of friendly people to help you out or point you in the right direction.